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Ocean Effect

No land, no law.

Reinventing herself wasn’t easy but prosecutor Penny McKenna talked her way onto a luxury superyacht that had an opening for an assistant chef. She quickly fell into the long hours and rhythms of life on board and discovered on a yacht like this, everyone has a secret so hers was easy to keep. The yacht proved just the ticket to a new life – until a guest is fatally stabbed and left to slowly die in her galley. Problem is, they’re nearly 500 miles offshore with no land – or law – in sight. The Ocean and the closed environment make for short tempers and fast suspicions. Is the killer on the guest list of Newport socialites and professional hangers-on that surrounded the dead man? Perhaps a stowaway from his past? Or is it one of the tight-knit multinational crew Penny trusts with her life every time they leave port? With a yacht-load of suspects, Penny digs into alibis, uncovers outrageous gambling, scandalous blackmail and long-held secrets. Catching the killer before the yacht reaches land and he or she can escape – or kill again – becomes as much a priority for Penny as keeping everyone fed and calm. But first she must stop running from her past and embrace what it can teach her while she pokes into everyone else’s.

No Safe Harbor

Long memories, short fuses.

Former prosecutor-turned-yacht chef Penny McKenna leverages everything to start a new business catering on board her own classic motor yacht, a 70’ Trumpy. Until a crusty gent named Upton shows up with provenance papers, claiming family ownership for generations. He invades her life, settles onto her boat, and refuses to leave. Who is this guy, really? And does he have a valid claim to her property? She doesn’t have the resources for a protracted legal battle. Penny’s angry enough to kill but someone does it for her – and she is framed. Knowing the legal secrets of this town, Penny has seen the powerful convict the innocent based on far less evidence. She's on her own to clear her name, but in the process she uncovers secret identities, oppressive blackmail and twisted alliances that threaten her world. Fire claims evidence and people she cares about disappear. She  must choose between bringing the truth to light or saving lives, including her own.



Key Chaos

His world. Her Rules.

Penny McKenna and Captain Smythe return for the third book, set in Key West. Smythe reunites with his old Navy buddies, but they bring trouble – both old and new.  

Penny sells everything and moves to Key West to start a new chartering venture with Smythe but before they can sail off into the sunset, he is accused of murdering an old Navy buddy. Did he do it? What does she really know about him? Pitted against stonewalling authorities and life-threatening drug smugglers, Penny digs into Smythe's old life and races to find the real killer before she ends up in Davy Jones' locker.

5 Fun Facts about Penny

An ex-prosecutor turned yacht chef, Penny McKenna anchors the mystery series. She:

  • Comes from a long line of superstitious Irish ancestors. She spends a lot of time tossing salt over her shoulder to ward off the devil and wears a lucky four-leaf clover pendant that she never takes off.
  • Constantly hears her Nana’s advice in her head, often popping up at the most inopportune time.
  • Is secretly in love with ex-Navy and super sexy Captain Guy Smythe. So secret, she doesn’t realize it herself.
  • Is not into appearances much and doesn’t wear much makeup. Only one thing makes her self-conscious: freakishly pale eyelashes that make mascara her one indulgence.
  • Worked as a short order cook in an all-night diner to pay her way through law school. There she learned a lot about human nature watching customers as she grilled.