You're such a lasagne!

Penny loves food. Tasting it, learning about it, preparing it for others. But she took her new career focus a bit further than most. Here’s how she explains it to an old friend in No Safe Harbor.

“I don’t feel like a lawyer at all anymore. I’m a yacht chef now. I like this world. Food doesn’t try to control you, you control it. A green bean is always a green bean, it doesn’t try to convince you it’s a turnip. Food doesn’t lie and it doesn’t stab you in the back.” Her old co-workers came easily to mind. “I even think of people as food. For instance, you’re a rare beef roast, solid, very little fat.” Murphy, a cop who definitely didn’t look like he ate doughnuts, blushed. “Upton? He’s all smooth and British on the outside, but inside he’s a snake. So that makes him asparagus - tastes good on the surface but leaves a bad taste behind. And you know Fowler? The head of the business association? He’s a classic sausage. Stuffed to bursting with self-importance.”

Murphy snorted at the apt description and decided to test her. “How about your sister?”

“Colleen? Easy. Cheddar cheese. She’s sharp and witty and gets along with everyone.”

“Captain Smythe?”

She wanted to say oyster - sweet, salty and a total aphrodisiac. But she couldn’t admit that out loud. What was true? “There are more layers to him than meet the eye until you dig in, so I’d say lasagne.”

“And Singleton? What’s he?”

“He’s something awful.” Penny had to force herself to think about her lying, cheating, ex-boss. “Anchovies. Stinky, oily, anchovies.” Something she wished she’d never tried and certainly nothing she’d ever touch again.