Publishing is an uphill battle, and the hill just got higher.

I took some time away from Penny this summer to work on other things while waiting to hear back from the publisher who had asked for a revise and resubmit on Ocean Effect. (They’d had the manuscript on an exclusive submission since March. Longest six months of my life.) I recently heard back from their editor and unfortunately the answer was no. But, she included a two-page critique, which was totally unexpected. It had some insightful suggestions to work on pacing and where I drop in clues - and this is the harder thing – making Penny more believable.

But the good news – she liked my writing overall and said I was good with dialogue which is something a lot of writers struggle with. And, one comment I think she intended to be negative but which I’ll take as a compliment – it reads more like a movie than a novel. To me, that means I’ve written good visuals and have good action and drama.

So I’m back to working on Penny and Ocean Effect. In two weeks, I’m attending the Crime Bake Conference put on by the New England chapters of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. I plan on pitching Ocean Effect to the agents and editors there, so I’d better hustle!