One wait is over, more begin.

A month ago I wrote that I was waiting to hear from an agent who had requested to review my full manuscript. Unfortunately, her answer was no thanks. Followed immediately by a no thanks from another agent I had high hopes for. Like others who have read my work, they did have some encouraging words for me. That my writing was strong, the story intriguing, but it just wasn’t right for their agencies at this point. And given the upheaval in fthe fiction world, any book they took on had to be just right. What to do?

I must confess to a little wine wallowing. I’d done my homework and I really thought one of these two would be the ‘yes’ I was looking for. When would my break come?

But I know my break isn’t going to just fall from the sky. The next day I sent out more query letters for both my books. I also decided to take another look at how I was approaching the whole business and attended the RI Author’s Expo at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet this weekend.

I was stunned to see so many authors and excited to meet one of my favs, Jon Land. Jon was kind enough to share his best agent advice with me (go to thrillerfest and genre conferences), as were so many others. All I had to do was ask and there was no shortage of opinion on self-publishing, agents and Amazon, the 800 pound gorilla. And I discovered a new mystery writer, Michael Hartigan (Stone Angels) with Providence College as a backdrop. Can’t wait to read his book, too.

But for now, back to writing, querying, and looking for conferences. After all, even Agatha Christie received many rejection letters.