New Year is off to a good start!

I just received my first agent request for No Safe Harbor!  So very excited to receive an email from an agent I had queried that said “I was intrigued by your query and sample chapters and would love to read more of this!” So I’ve sent off the first 100 pages as requested.

While she's reading, I'm back to writing, reading and studying what makes so many other authors successful. I love that part of my work is reading mysteries and thrillers.

What this publishing journey feels like.

What this publishing journey feels like.

Recently, I’ve discovered Boston-based Hank Phillippi Ryan (what took me so long?!). Of course I speed-read through the new Home from long-time fave Harlan Coben, then re-read to study it. And I was psyched to hear Barbara Ross’ Maine Clambake Mystery #5 is out! I’ll be downloading that shortly, having devoured # 1 - 4.

Thanks for joining me on this roller coaster ride we call ‘getting your first book published,’ AKA ‘what in the world were you thinking?’ And while you’re waiting for Penny McKenna' debut, check out these authors if you’re a mystery fan. You won’t be disappointed.

Cheers to a happy yet mysterious 2017!