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My publishing journey continues!

My publishing journey continues!

In mid-March, an agent I had queried requested a phone conference. She’d read my synopsis and 3 chapters of No Safe Harbor and said she liked my writing and ideas. Cue happy dance - the break I was waiting for! We talked for more than an hour about publishing possibilities and things I should change to suit the cozy mystery market. Could I lessen the blood in the murder scene? You betcha. Could I rework chapters that were in a point of view other than my protagonist? Sure thing. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not afraid of hard work.

She said she wanted to work with me! Pictures of contracts danced before my eyes. Then I told her about Ocean Effect and Key Chaos, my other two Penny McKenna stories. Silence. Finally she said she wasn’t sure they’d fit the mold, the series should all have the same setting, but go ahead and send a few chapters. So I did. And waited. Finally last weekend I got her answer. My series didn’t fit her vision of what she wanted to work with so she was going to step aside on this. If I wrote something more like what she wanted, keep her in mind. I wrestled with the answer for days. She’d given me lots to think about. I could do what she was looking for, but…my vision has always been murder on different boats, different locations.

HOWEVER, in the same weekend, I received a request from another agent - she wanted to see my full manuscript! I zipped that baby right out.

So, soul searched, lessons learned. I’m ready for the next call, leaving myself open to revisions to fit what the market wants. Just don’t take away my boats.