Feels so good!

Whew! My full working draft of Key Chaos is done!

An intense sunset after a murderous writing day.

An intense sunset after a murderous writing day.

It all started with an idea, a dead guy and a boat.

Then came location research, plotting key moments and defining relationships. Scene lists? Check! Clue cards, timeline, character profiles? Checked 'em all. Sketch draft and WTF draft (write the feelings), major check. I took all that, threw it in my brain blender and poured it back into a 70,000-word working draft.

I’ve changed the killer, twice. Changed character motivation. Changed the order of scenes several times. Changed the opening three times, probably will do so at least twice more. Along the way I’ve fallen in love with a few characters. There’s a few others I really dislike, but hey, what’s a story without a few villains?

It’s not perfect, not by a long stretch, but it’s a major milestone reached. And it feels good. I mean eating-chocolate-cake-after-months-of-dieting-good.

And it’s a point in the process where I give myself a break. I’m going to let this sit for a few days, enjoy this accomplishment, and take more boat photos. Then it’s time to edit, make sure the clues are in the right place and sculpt the story into something agents and publishers will love. Write on!