Let me out of this computer!

(Penny McKenna wrote this month’s blog.) 
“Whew! My first adventure, Ocean Effect, is finally off to the publisher that requested a revise and resubmit. It took a while, but my story is stronger for it. I can’t wait to see what they say! A ‘yes’ means I’ll finally be released from this woman’s head and onto the page – and/or pixels – of a book.

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What can a diner cook teach a prosecutor?

Tons. Here Penny explains how cooking her way through law school made her a better prosecutor.

“Being an overnight line cook in a 24-hour diner was a perfect job to put myself through law school - grants and scholarships only go so far! I learned many lessons behind the grille that proved helpful when I became a prosecutor. Case in point: people watching 101.

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Our heroine, Penny McKenna, explains her unusual career path.

"I inherited my father’s fiery temper and my mother’s bat-like hearing. I swear she could hear me opening a candy wrapper a mile away. My freckles and red hair came from Nana, as well as her calm ability to listen and observe without being noticed. That got me into trouble more than once as a kid - but hey, if you don’t eavesdrop you don’t learn the best stuff.

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