Canvas works miracles

In today’s blog, Penny explains her need for boats.

“From a 1928 motor yacht to a 70’ Trumpy to a Fife-designed sloop, all my boats have soothed my need to be in control and kept me sane through the past few years. You shove off from land and ordinary troubles and irksome people fade away. Though I’ve not done a single-handed passage, I can see the appeal. When land is out of sight, the world shrinks down to just you, the boat and Mother Nature. You control your destiny and your journey. 

no wind.jpg

“On a power boat you point the bow and go, let the wind blow all the cobwebs out of your brain. If you’re sailing, you hoist the canvas, run the lines and let the rise and fall of hull through the waves lull you back to tranquility. The only sounds are the shuss of the hull, the chirrup of a tern, the kiss of the wind. And that’s when you discover the truths you’ve been running from.

“Sure, there’s the occasional storm, the rare rogue wave. But it’s a calculated risk and if you have faith in your boat and your crew, there’s no better place to be. Preparing for those eventualities gives you the confidence to face them, knowledge at the ready. And when crisis does hit and you react well, do your job and come out the other side, the sense of satisfaction is like none other. You’ve discovered just how far you can push your envelope, what you can do. Before you know it, the sea re-shapes you, makes you stronger. I’m ready for the next one!”