Boats and blogs-two completely different languages!

If you thought boating lingo was confusing, have you tried building a web site? It's a whole new language - RSS feeds, DNS, TXT, HTML. It's been an incredible (but fun) learning curve. Site content and blog posts were a piece of cake, but the building ? Let's just say it wasn't as easy as many people said it would be! However, here it is, a live site, a sign up form that hopefully works, and a blog that I'm looking forward to updating. It's been trial and error as I go, so please forgive any glitches, I'm still a newbie! If you sign up to receive an email notice when I post a new blog and you don't receive the Mail Chimp authentication email, please check your junk folder.

Meanwhile, Happy Fall Equinox! I'm excited to start a new season with you!