Boats can be murder.

The Penny McKenna nautical mystery series delivers intrigue on the high seas, in the tropics, down the river and sometimes even in the harbor. Because once land falls away and there’s nothing but you, your shipmates, and Mother Nature, you begin to feel like the rules don’t apply out here. The extremes of weather bring out the extremes in people - either your best or your worst.

Assistant Prosecutor Penny McKenna has always been about hard work and truth. But the further she went in her career, the more she discovered the good guys lied just as much as the bad guys. She finally took a stand, but it put an end to her dream job and forced her to keep a secret of her own under wraps. It's not lying, it’s just not telling, right? Now she’s a private yacht chef trying to hold some semblance of order together as she hops from yacht to yacht. Living at sea, she understands true wind, true north and true friends. Stubborn to a fault, she’s working to create a life for herself but somehow dead bodies keep getting in the way. How many times does a girl have to reinvent herself, anyway?

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